Satellite Phone Testing and Storage Themes

satellite phone testing storage

When you purchase any form of satellite communication, from satellite phones to satellite internet, hotspots or any kind of satellite network, you expect reliability and durability. A satellite phone that fails or malfunctions while in the field is no good to anyone.

At International Satellite Services, we’re proud to offer only the highest-quality satellite phones, internet connections and networks. We only work with top manufacturers in the industry, including Ligado, Immarsatand Iridium phone companies, and we provide all our clients with the information and expertise they need to maintain their satellite devices and keep them working optimally at all times. One major factor within this maintenance realm: Testing your satellite phone periodically to ensure it’s working well and not dealing with any issues. Today’s blog will go over why testing a satellite phone is important, some basic steps using Iridium satellite phones as a test case, plus some storage themes that impact phone quality and longevity.

Importance of Testing Satellite Phones

While there are some who use a satellite phone as their primary means of everyday communication, most do not. In the majority of cases, these items are used as an emergency device or for rare excursions into areas without traditional cell network service.

In both cases, however, testing is vital. Many of those who use satellite phones every day are first responders, rescue workers, mountain guides and marine workers, all of whom must have reliable access to communications in case of a safety risk or hazard. And in the case of those who use these devices sparingly for emergency uses, testing and maintenance are important for ensuring devices are never out of date, out of battery or otherwise malfunctioning in a way that will fail you during a life-or-death situation. You never know what might happen in a remote situation, but testing your phone beforehand to ensure you’ll have adequate communications is very important.

Testing Steps for Iridium Phones

Using Iridium satellite phones as a basic test case, here are some simple steps (provided by Iridium themselves) for testing these phones prior to use:

  • Take the phone outside and extend the antenna up toward the sky as you normally would for a call.
  • Turn on the phone.
  • Wait for the green indicator to show a connection to the LED network.
  • Dial this number: 00-1-480-752-5105.
  • Press the green button to begin, which will initiate a test call to Iridium.

Storage for Iridium Phones

In addition to regular testing before use, one of the best ways to ensure quality performance from any satellite phone is to store it properly. Once again using Iridium as a test case, here are some basic tips on storing a satellite phone when it isn’t being used:

  • Always store the phone in a dry, temperate and easy-to-access location
  • Keep the battery charged even during storage
  • Remove the battery for storage, but store it in the same location as the phone
  • Test the device regularly, at least once a month if possible
  • Secure the SIM card in place both before and after every deployment
  • Protect the phone’s antenna during storage

For more on the value of testing and storing your satellite phone properly, or to learn about any of our satellite phone or internet solutions, speak to the staff at International Satellite Services today.

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