Sig Hansen and crew use Fleetbroadband

boat crew

Captain Sig Hansen and crew of the poplular reality show “The Deadliest Catch” utilize Inmarsat’s Fleetbroadband high speed satellite terminal out at sea. Never before have the crew of the Northwestern had such instant access to communication. All on board are able to speak as often as they like to family and friends back on the mainland when terrestrial connectivity isn’t feasible. The guys also have access to high speed internet and email capability 24/7. According to Sig however, the priorities on the Northwestern are work, sleep and eating so this doesn’t leave a lot of time for other activities but having Fleetbroadband on board provides a peace of mind for the crew that at least the communications options are available.

More importantly, should a member of the crew have an accident which according to Sig, occasionally happens as they use knives on board for different purposes. Should someone get cut, they have immediate access to doctors back on the mainland that can assess the situation. They can actually show the wounds via skype and/or photos they upload and send via data transfer to the doctor who then offer solutions remotely. Never before has technology played more of an important role for crew welfare and saftely on a vessel hundreds of miles offshore.. according to Sig. Fleetbroadband makes this possible.

Check out the video below

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