The New Oceana 800 Marine Satellite Phone

oceana 800

On many vessels in this day and age communication in offshore waters is essential to the smooth function of the ship. The Oceana 800 helps simplify this ease of remote communications by providing a efficient, fast, easy way to communicate via satellite an all-in-one IP54 maritime interface. It’s adaptable to take anywhere from two to five corded/cordless phone or integration into a PABX system which also includes built-in intelligence to support standard ring, busy, and dial tones via an intelligent RJ11/POT interface. The Oceana 800 provides options for Bluetooth capabilities, as well as a full color LCD screen for easy viewing of information such as phone numbers stored on the device. The system includes up to 2000ft of cabling so placing it on hard to reach places such as lower decks isn’t a problem. Ease of installation means that even the least technically savvy individual can install this system.

This satellite phone comes equipped with a internal SIM for easy storage of phone numbers and SMS messages as well as a secondary SIM socket for easy transfer of information that overrides the internal memory. It also includes such amenities such as hands-free speaker phone, wall-mounting, USB data ports, and a privacy handset. This phone is aimed at larger vessels such as cargo haulers or pleasure ships but even in the smallest fishing ship could find it’s use invaluable. This all-in-on system operates with Inmarsat “Fleetphone” telephony service that includes a dedicated marine class antenna system for instant use at anytime.

Fleet calls are as low as 55 cents per minute which incorporate 505 emergency calling, a complete set location tracking information as well as periodic location messaging (including heading, speed, and speed) with the ability to send and receive e-mails via the LCD screen by using an intergrated GPS engine system. The system helps provide crews with an additional safety net when operating on the high seas by allowing communication with emergency services when out of the range of terrestrial services such as land-based cellular towers that provides an unprecedented reliability in ship-based communications that can save your life in the event of an emergency.

Overall this phone provides excellent value (only retailing 2,300 USD)for a wide-range of applications and uses. From the smallest tug to the largest freighter the Oceana 800 has a place and use on any vessel with value that’s pretty unprecedented in phones of it’s class.

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