Iridium PTT: Protecting African Wildlife and Communities

Iridium PTT Satellite Phone Systems

When people think of push-to-talk (PTT) services, they think about the value it can add to their businesses or their recreation time. What many people may not realize is the way that amazing products like Iridium Push-To-Talk can have an impact on the safety of ecosystems and communities.

The National Reserve in Kenya utilized Iridium PTT services and it has helped them to manage situations that are complicated and dangerous in their line of work. Here’s a little about this amazing project that shows the wonders that Iridium PTT has brought to Kenya and the world.

The Challenges Faced by Wildlife Protectors in Kenya

In Kenya, the South Rift Association of Landowners, or SORALO, is a Maasai-owned collective of ranches that span over 3,800 square miles. For the East African and Maasai indigenous peoples of the Nile Valley, SORALO works to maintain their traditional pastoral lifestyle in the reserve and to safeguard the free movement of wildlife and people within.

In Kenya, SORALO is of the utmost importance since the government-run parks there cover only about eight percent of the territory. This area is simply too small to sustain the wide-ranging populations of wildlife in the country.

Rangers for SORALO, as well as the local Maasai tribes, often have difficulty communicating with each other over outdated cell networks. The network simply cannot sustain the vast territory they are trying to serve. Pair that with the fact that rangers require real-time communications and secure channels to do their job as effectively as possible and you can see why their old networks simply weren’tgetting the job done.

The Value of PTT Satellite Communications Solutions

To address these challenges, SORALO decided it was time to test the Iridium Push to talk. They brought Iridium PTT technology in as a solution to the communication problems faced over this vast territory. Several Iridium Extreme PTT units were purchased to replace their analog radio network and to serve as the cornerstone of their new communications system. The team created a central operations hub to help coordinate security and deployment and set up a monitoring framework with an app designed to deploy patrol units that are monitored from this central hub.

The result of all this hard work is a wide-reaching and secure network that allows for instant communication from the central hub across the territory.

What Impact Has Iridium PPT Technology Had?

The Maasai rangers involved with SORALO today use Iridium PTT to communicate reliably and quickly. They are now able to more effectively monitor the wildlife and people across the territory, communicating with and tracking the movements of wildlife as well as livestock herders. This allows them to help local herders find safe places for livestock to graze.

The results benefit everyone by providing the ability to communicate and track the wildlifemore accurately and in real-time.

Nature and humans will always compete for the resources of any area, but Iridium PTT technology has made it easier for SORALO to try to keep things as harmonious and safe as possible across their territory.

International Satellite Services is proud to offer Iridium satellite communications systems for our customers. Although you might not need to herd or track wildlife across African preserves, you deserve to have the most reliable, affordable mobile satellite services available today.

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