Volvo Race and Fleetbroadband High Speed Marine Satellite System


Prepare to experience the most exciting world sporting race on the water, the Volvo Ocean Race. This thrilling competition will be streaming to every TV and computer screen by way of advanced World Telecomunications Solutions from Inmarsat.

Inmarsat is playing a key role in providing satellite communications for this 2011 sailing event with an audience of more than 1.8 billion across every major media outlet around the world.

The high speed marine satellite system, Fleetbroadband once again will be providing live video news feeds every step of the way as Volvo Ocean Race fans watch this thrilling sailing adventure from the comforts of their living rooms in HD format.

With such up-close and amazing coverage in prospect, this 12 th edition of the world’s premier ocean race looks poised to capture the imagination of millions of new fans around the globe.

And for the organizers of this race along with the crews, having the fleetbroadband on board ensures safety, comfort and the capability to communicate with the outside world with an “always on” satellite link.

Please watch this video for Fleetbroadband in action

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